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Kamikōchi is the southern gateway to the Chūbu-Sangaku National Park, and one of the best protected natural areas in Japan. It was the first area to be designated as a Protected Forest (1916) and Area of Scenic Beauty (1952). It was designated a national park on December 4, 1934. The pastures were closed, and since 1996, private cars are forbidden as well. Today, it receives around 1.5 million annual visitors and is one of Japan's best-loved nature conservation areas.


    Please help protecting the nature!  

Rules for tourists

Even if you come up just for a few happy hours, we would like you to observe a few basic rules to help us preserve the majestic beauty of Kamikōchi.

Car-free resort! No private vehicles are allowed into Kamikōchi.  
Trash-free resort! Please take all your garbage home together with your splendid memories.  
Keep Kamikochi wild - don't feed the animals! Please do NOT feed or damage the wildlife.  


Rules for climbers

If you are a more serious hiker or climber, you must be more familiar with the rules and even more devoted to preserving the wild. Still, please allow us to make a quick list of the most important rules:

  1. Take nothing but pictures! Leave nothing but footprints! Please take all your trash with you, including leftover food and cigarette butts.
  2. Please do not feed the wild animals, not even monkeys and ducks.
  3. Kamikōchi is protected by law: it is illegal to collect plants or wildlife.
  4. Stick to the trail; do not trample through marshes or other fragile environments
  5. No camping except in designated areas.
  6. No fires except in designated areas.
  7. Water is scarce above the timber line; please conserve it and protect water sources.
  8. Private cars are not allowed into Kamikōchi (no entry past the Kama Tunnel). Please park and ride from Sawando or Hirayu.