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There are many reasons why you may want to visit Kamikōchi: you come from a flatland country and admire the grandeur of mountains; you spend way too much time in cities and crave for fresh air and a little peace away from the rush and heat; you believe what many other do in Japan and want to find your inner peace among these magnificent hills; or perhaps you want to see a bit of the nature and wildlife. Us, Kamikōchi fans, could talk until nightfall why we love this place. But perhaps the easiest way is if you see it for yourself.


    Four seasons in Kamikōchi  

Just like a botanical garden, Kamikōchi shows quite different faces as the seasons change. If your time and budget allows, Kamikōchi is definitely a place to see more than once. But even if you can visit us only once, you cannot go wrong: the fresh green of the late spring and the beautiful autumn leaves leave an equally magnificent impression.

Early summer
Late autumn


    Beautiful scenery  

Kamikōchi, of course, is much larger than a botanical garden and the landscapes are grander and even more breathtaking. Forgive us for being overly zealous and putting a lot of pictures here instead of a selected few, but we honestly believe that these pictures can speak about the majestic beauty waiting for you than any words, however carefully we select them.


    Plants and flowers  

It is a little difficult not speaking about the grandeur of the mountains but there are many people who wish to take a closer look at the flowers and plants, too. Kamikōchi offers plenty of pleasure for them. The ever precise, official Kamikōchi site lists many more kinds of flowers, but here is a modest example about what you can find around here:

Karamatsu (larch)
Katsura trees
Keshō yanagi trees
White birch trees



Some people come here for the wildlife and the animals. Come and meet these nice guys yourself... all right, maybe not the black bears (do not be afraid, they are really shy), but the monkeys are real fun. Some people come only to see them.

Black bear
Iwana (char)
Macaque monkeys
Kamoshika (serow)