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Travelling to and from


When is Kamikochi open?

It is open from late April to mid-November. During the winter all shops, hotels and other facilities are closed.

When is the best season to visit Kamikochi?

The green sprouts of Spring (May to June), flowers in Summer (July to August) and fall leaves (October) are the most popular seasons to visit.

Can I use a JR pass to get to/from Kamikochi?

Matsumoto Dentetsu train at Shinshimashima terminalNo. The local buses and the Matsumoto Dentetsu train line is operated by a private company (Alpico), so the JR pass is valid only to/from Matsumoto or Takayama and does NOT cover the shuttle bus from there to Kamikochi. However, Alpico does offer a convenient 2-day or 4-day pass, which is a bargain if you also plan to visit the neighborhood.

What if I'm going to arrive at Kamikochi late in the evening?

The gate to Kamikochi closes at 7 PM in the Spring/Autumn and 8 PM in the summer.

What time does the last bus leave Kamikochi?

The last bus leaves from Kamikochi Bus Terminal around 6 PM, but be sure to double-check this.




Kamikochi Imperial Hotel

Is it OK to extend the hotel check-out time?

Some hotels offer a late check-out until 12 noon. However, this service may not be available during peak season.

How much does it cost to stay at Kamikochi?

Kamikochi has a great range of facilities to suit every budget from Konashi Camp site to the Imperial Hotel.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, most places have a cancellation fee from 30% (3 days before) to 50% (on the day).

Will my room have a bed or a futon?

Both Western-style beds and traditional Japanese-style futons are available.

Is Kamikochi easily accessible for wheelchair travel?

Yes, there are barrier free trails and some hotels offer a private wheelchair service.


Kamikochi Alpen Hotel

Can I bring my pet to Kamikochi?

No, Kamikochi is in a National Park Special Protection Zone. No pets are allowed.

Can I drink local sake from Nagano Prefecture?

Yes, Kamikochi offers a range of locally-produced sake and wine.

Can allergies and dietary requirements be accommodated?

Your hosts will be happy to make arrangements for any special requirements, but please be sure to inform them in advance.

Is there a special menu for children?

Yes, some places offer a special menu for children.


Facilities and amenities


What facilities are available for day-trippers?

Day-trippers can use many of the facilities such as shops in hotel lobbies and hot spring baths. However, no ATMs are available.

Konashidaira campsite

Can I make a camp fire in Kamikochi?

Yes, but only in designated areas. Ask at Konashi-daira Camp Site for more details.

Can I take a hot spring bath at Kamikochi?

Yes, Kamikochi has two natural Onsen hot springs (Shimizuya Hotel and Onsen Hotel). There are also Sento (public baths) available.

Can I use my mobile phone in Kamikochi?

Yes, most mobile telephones have reception around the Bus Terminal, Kappabashi, Visitor Center, Weston Relief, Tashiro-ike and Taisho-ike.

Is there a bank/ATM at Kamikochi?

No, there are no banks or ATMs in Kamikochi.

Can I use a credit card?

Yes, most places accept the major cards but carry some cash as a back-up.

Is there a convenience store in Kamikochi?

No, there's no convenience store within Kamikochi but most supplies can be bought at shops in the Bus Terminal or in the hotel lobbies.

Where should I go in case of illness?

There is a clinic next to the Bus Terminal (Tel: 0263-95-2013) and another one in Tokusawa (summer only).