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Hi everyone! I'm from the Netherlands and my name is Sjaak Mintjens and for those that don't get how to pronounce my name, just say Shark, and you'll be close enough! I have lived in Japan for a total of two years now (summer 2013) but over three periods. I did some exchange studies and was an intern at NPO-SCOP in the period of April 1st - August 2nd of 2013. NPO-SCOP is the company that helped build this page for Kamikochi and its fans. I have little to no mountain climbing experience unlike several others on this website, as you can also see on my profile picture how I completely nailed an 801 meter elevation.

For now, instead of mountain climbing articles I added a bunch of articles about the surroundings of Kamikochi. So much to see do and especially eat! 


I am currently living in Matsumoto and I do not see any change in that any time soon.


Cooking, eating and maybe even more than that, communicating. Whenever I am traveling (or not), you will most likely be seeing me doing one of those, unless I am spacing out and just enjoying the view that is right infront of me. 

Favorite Kamikōchi spot:

My favorite bit in Kamikochi has to be the Forest Course part. Two words: Jurassic Park. Go there and you'll know exactly what I mean.