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Jochen Diels


Greetings, my name is Jochen Diels, with Diels being my Family name. I'm living in Matsumoto since September 2010 and I'm currently studying at Shinshuu University trying to improve my Japanese. This is my second time in Japan and I fell in love over my head with the country.


Matsumoto city, Nagano-ken. Surrounded by mountains and numerous rivers flowing through it. Even tough living in a small city, according to Japanese standards, the mountains and rivers accord for a beautiful scenery all year long.


University student at Shinshuu University


My hobbies are traveling and watching movies. On my travels I've visited quite a bit of Europe and the United States including the Alps and some national parks in Pennsylvania and California. Since I came to Japan I've traveled a bit around the country as well exploring both city life and the vast, untouched nature.


Favorite Kamikōchi spot:

My favorite spot at Kamikōchi is the Kappa bashi bridge at the foot of the mountain and the start of trails. Before entering the mountains this spot gives you an overwhelming view at the mountain range and the Azusagawa river flowing through it. The wooden, pitoresk bridge itself it a sight worth viewing on its own. Kappa bashi bridge is the best introduction and invitation to maintains of Kamikōchi.