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After almost nine years of living in Japan, I am still constantly discovering new things to enrich my life.  Nagano Prefecture has earned a special place in my heart with a winter climate recalling a milder version of my native Canada and the Northern Alps in whose majestic shadow I have found a home.



I had been enjoying a five year stint in Omachi City before moving to Matsumoto in 2009.  I really enjoy the atmosphere and local culture here as well as the proximity to Kamikochi. 



I am currently employed by the Nagano Board of Education teaching English at Agatagaoka Senior High School here in Matsumoto.



For about seven years now, I have trained in the traditional Japanese sword art of iaido, competing in tournaments locally and all around Japan.  I also practice a lesser-known art called jodo, which focuses on wielding a short, staff-like weapon.  Since 2008, I have presided over an annual cultural event called The Omachi Martial Arts Festival.


Favorite Kamikōchi spot:

I'm very fond of Taisho Pond.  My memories of seeing the surface of the water with dusky light reflecting off of it have stayed with me since I first visted the park many years ago.