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May 11, 2016 Info The route to the Yakedake Goya mountain hut has been opened 〈 Information from Facebook 〉   Now that the route to the Yakedake Goya mountain hut has been opened, I've been asked to post some information about mountain safety in the spring season. Please be aware of the following points: 1) The "tozanguchi" or entrance to the course leading from within Kamikochi to the Yakedake Goya hut has been opened. 2) Ladders will be in place from May 10th to late October. 3) Due to snow on the slopes, crampons MUST be equipped by hikers following the paths up to the Yakdake Goya. 12 points strongly recommended. Also, please be aware that falling rocks may pose a hazard in some areas. Exercise caution at all times. 4) Lastly, please bear in mind that Yakedake is an active volcano. While this quality adds interest to the area, it also poses an obvious danger. We ask that all prospective hikers take full responsibility for their own safety. Hike safely and enjoy your time in Kamikochi. If at any time, you feel unsafe on the mountain trails, we urge you to turn back. Safety first!
November 15, 2015 Info It ends the season in today We thank that we have finished safely season now in mine Closing Festival. And we pray to the gods of mount Hotaka as greeted safely also next season.
November 11, 2015 Info A little step away from closure It does not have ten days until the end of the season this year .Kamikochi Closing Festival is November 15.The 16 days is not possible admission .
October 23, 2015 Info At the end of autumn is approaching Since cold day there were many this year,It is toward winter earlier than usual.However there full larch is that it is not still scattered ,Leaves are shining in orange is beautiful .It seems lined with carpet , it's beautiful.
October 7, 2015 Info Autumn leaves have greeted in full bloom This morning is the most low temperature in this autumn , it was -0.5 ℃.When coming from the kettle tunnel,Larch leaves have become autumn colors.Best time to see is becoming close .
September 13, 2015 Info Advisory: Silver Week 2015 Written by: William Habington Date: September 13, 2015 A warm hello to all of our readers!  This is an advisory concerning the upcoming "Silver Week" holiday, spanning five days from September 19th to the 23rd.  Due to many Japanese visitors being on holiday, crowds are expected to be much larger than usual.      Visitors departing from Matsumoto and Takayama are advised to travel via public transportation.  Those planning to travel by car should be aware that, in addition to the usual restrictions about bringing cars into the park, care should be taken to arrive early in order to secure a parking space.  Also, anyone planning on hiking in the mountains should plan to descend as early as possibly on the final day of their visit to make sure they can catch the last bus out of the park (see bus schedule links below).   Visitors Travelling by Car   In keeping with Kamikochi's policy of maintaining a car free resort, privately owned automobiles (including motorcycles) are not allowed to go through the Kama Tunnel.  Those driving from Matsumoto should drive as far as the Sawando Parking Area, park there, and proceed by bus or taxi through the tunnel.  Those driving from the Takayama side are asked to do likewise at the Hirayu Parking area.   Taking Shuttle Buses and Taxis   Please be aware that the hours during which taxis and shuttle buses go in and out of Kamikochi are limited to the period between 5am and 7pm.  We strongly advise all visitors to take care in planning their arrival and departure to coincide with these hours.   Catching the Last Bus out of the Park   The times for the final buses departing from Kamikochi are as follows:   Kamikochi to Sawando, up to November 13th: 6pm departure.   Kamikochi to Sawando, up to November 15th: 6pm departure.   Kamikochi to Hirayu, up to November 15th: 5pm departure   Useful Links   This information from Kamikochi's offical site should help you plan your visit:   We wish you a safe, enjoyable, and trouble-free visit to Kamikochi.  Please review the information above for your convenience and safety.   Source of Information:   Kamikochi official website: