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June 6, 2016 Events The 70th Weston Festival took place The 70th annual Weston Festival was held in Kamikochi on 5th June. Many tourists and climbers were gathering to praise the achievements of "Reverend" Walter Weston who developed the Japanese alpine culture in the late 19th century.
May 11, 2016 Info The route to the Yakedake Goya mountain hut has been opened 〈 Information from Facebook 〉   Now that the route to the Yakedake Goya mountain hut has been opened, I've been asked to post some information about mountain safety in the spring season. Please be aware of the following points: 1) The "tozanguchi" or entrance to the course leading from within Kamikochi to the Yakedake Goya hut has been opened. 2) Ladders will be in place from May 10th to late October. 3) Due to snow on the slopes, crampons MUST be equipped by hikers following the paths up to the Yakdake Goya. 12 points strongly recommended. Also, please be aware that falling rocks may pose a hazard in some areas. Exercise caution at all times. 4) Lastly, please bear in mind that Yakedake is an active volcano. While this quality adds interest to the area, it also poses an obvious danger. We ask that all prospective hikers take full responsibility for their own safety. Hike safely and enjoy your time in Kamikochi. If at any time, you feel unsafe on the mountain trails, we urge you to turn back. Safety first!
April 27, 2016 Events Official Opening Ceremony in Kamikochi 2016 Official opening ceremony "Kaizansai" was held on Sunday Apl.27 in Kamikochi. During the ceremony two events to pray for safety and play the alpenhorn which is traditional musical instrument of Switzerland took place at the foot of the Kappa Bridge. Due to the fine weather on the day about 3,500 people visited here and enjoyed the fine view of snow and magnificent mountains.
April 1, 2016 Events Ceremony for new national holiday "Yama no Hi" to be held in Kamikochi and Matsumoto We are honored and delighted to announce that Kamikochi and downtown Matsumoto have been chosen to host a special inaugural ceremony for a new national holiday named "Yama no Hi" (山の日 or "Mountain Day").  The event will take place on Thursday, August 11th this year and is being touted as an opportunity for people to experience the mountains firsthand and enrich their knowledge of the history surrounding Japan's alpine culture. (
November 15, 2015 Info It ends the season in today We thank that we have finished safely season now in mine Closing Festival. And we pray to the gods of mount Hotaka as greeted safely also next season.
November 11, 2015 Info A little step away from closure It does not have ten days until the end of the season this year .Kamikochi Closing Festival is November 15.The 16 days is not possible admission .