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Note: This page is still under construction. Information may be added and adjusted along the way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us on Facebook. Also the graphs are not made with the exact angle of the climb, but to give merely an indication. That being said, enjoy some of the courses that Kamikôchi has to offer!

So you want to start  in Kamikôchi and climb some mountains from there? Well here are a few courses you might be interested in!


Difficulty star ratings are as follows:
★☆☆ = Easy
★★☆ = Medium
★★★ = Hard

Remember, upcoming courses are no daytrips, most trips will require you to stay one or even two nights, at either a mountain hut or retreat or in a tent. So make sure you are prepared!

It sometimes is also possible to combine courses to have a different descent than ascend.

First off is the course up to Yokoo. This is not an actual climb but a relatively flat area within Kamikôchi. Along this route are a few places from where you will start your actual climb, so please use it as a reference for all the rest of the courses!
According to the schedule it takes about 3h20m to get from the Kamikôchi Bus Terminal to Myojin, Tokusawa and Yokoo, but you often are advised to stay the night in a tent or at a hut or lodge at the location before climbing up the next day. So if you arrive early you could take your leisure at walking the course.

Difficulty Level: ★☆☆

This second course will be taking you zigzagging through to woods to the top of Mt. Chôgatake. On this route are no water sources, so make sure you bring enough with you from Tokusawa!

Difficulty Level: ★★☆

The next course has the same destination as the previous one but instead of Tokusawa, you depart from Yokoo (refer to the first course). The final part of this course will take you over a ridgeline which means a great view, but also a lot of wind, so let's be careful!

Difficulty Level: ★★☆

The next course is actually a continuation for one of the previous two, for those that just do not get enough from doing one mountain. It takes you further and gets you to Mt. Jônen by walking on the ridgelines and having great views of Mt. Hotaka and others.

Difficulty Level: ★★☆

Here is where the harder climbs start. It is not advisable to do this on your first climb, unless you have a good mountain guide with you. This climb will take you up to Mt. Oku-Hotaka and it will require you to stay at the top of the mountain as a one way takes about 7 hours.

Difficulty Level: ★★★

This next climb is for Mt. Mae-Hotaka, another mountain in the Hotaka mountain range.

Difficulty Level: ★★★

The next course has the same route as the previous but instead of taking you to Mt. Mae-Hotaka, it takes you to Mt.Oku-Hotaka, which is a little bit higher.

Difficulty Level: ★★★

The next course is for Mt. Yarigatake, known as the Matterhorn of Japan. Matterhorn of course referring to the famous mountain in Zermatt, Swiss. This is a climb definitely advised not to be undertaking unless you are experienced or have a nature guide with you.

Difficulty Level: ★★★