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Japan is famous for its mountains and it better, seeing as 70% of the country is made of mountains. In the middle of Japan you have the Chubu-Sangaku National park, and within the national park there is Kamikochi, the Gateway to the Japanese Alps. The Japanese Alps are the most popular mountain climbing area in Japan. People often go to Kamikochi for relaxed hiking and enjoying the nature. But the area around Kamikochi surely has more to offer than a light hike, as you may already know by having read some articles.


The Japanese used to believe that on the top of the mountains their gods lived and thus did not really participate in climbing mountains, unless it was for religious purposes like praying to a god. Nowadays however, if people have a holiday, one of the many activities they will participate in actually is climbing a mountain. Though much of Japan’s religion has become more of a habit to the people than an actual religion, some of the beautiful sceneries you can find up in the Japanese Alps would definitely make you question that maybe gods actually do live there.


On this page we introduce you to some of the mountain climbing routes that you can undertake while in Japan. Among these routes are both routes for beginners and advanced people, so please check them out!


As for safety and manners among when going trekking, please check out the article below!


The map below shows you where each destination is for the courses that we have on our website.



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