Macaque monkeys

Like the famous snow monkeys, Kamikōchi also has a large population of wild Macaques. There are 2 or 3 troops that live in Kamikochi along the banks of the Azusa River, with each troop having a population of about 70 monkeys. Macaques live on all the main islands of Japan except Hokkaidō. The females first give birth aged 6, then roughly every 2 to 3 years Macaque thereafter. They reach adulthood aged 6-7, typically monkeys weighing approximately 12 kg. The monkey kingdom is female oriented, with adult males leaving the troop. The Kamikochi monkeys live off a diet of plant shoots, roots and insects, topped up with dwarf bamboo sprouts and tree bark in the Winter (particularly the inside of Ezo-yanagi willow trees), when they lie low over long periods, sticking close to their food source and sheltering from the fierce weather.

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