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Suppose you have to mention a few Japanese places, famous for sight-seeing... what would come to your mind?

Mt. Fuji, Kyōto, perhaps Yakushima... if you ask a Japanese tourist, these names come up most often. Kamikōchi, a place packed full of the beauties of nature and culture of Japan... well, not so likely.

We, the folks behind this site, are in love with this part of Japan. During the week, of course, we have jobs like everyone else - you may meet some of us in town behind counters, others came from abroad to teach English in the neigborhood. But whatever the profession, we love to spend our free time in Kamikōchi, one of the last secluded regions in Japan.

At this site, we would like to share this experience with you. As self-made journalists of Kamikōchi, we would like to introduce you to the local scenery, fauna and flora, sights and events... but most of all, we would like to tell you about how we feel up in the mountains and why we feel we must go up there. We hope that in time, more and more people will mention 'Kamikōchi' when asked the above question.

Visit us online or in person, have a look around, feel free to ask... we hope you can share our enthusiasm with you. After all, that is why we created this site.

If you want to know more about us:

Shirokuma Saburō
Occupation: SHK webmaster
Residence: Yokohama
Country: Hungary
Favorite Kamikōchi spot: Azusagawa

Michael Barbic
Occupation: English teacher
Residence: Matsumoto
Country: United States
Favorite Kamikōchi spot: Dakesawa

Sodai Taira
Occupation: writer
Residence: Matsumoto
Country: Japan
Favorite Kamikōchi spot: ???

Matt Dunn
Occupation: Hotel manager
Residence: Hakuba
Country: Australia
Favorite Kamikōchi spot: ???

Profile - John Koon
Occupation: English teacher
Residence: Matsumoto
Country: United States
Favorite Kamikōchi spot: Looking down to Karasawa valley

Jochen Diels
Occupation: University student
Residence: Matsumoto
Country: Belgium
Favorite Kamikōchi spot: Kappabashi Bridge


William Habington
Occupation:English teacher
Residence: Imachi:Omchi
Country: Canada
Favorite Kamikōchi spot:Taisho Pond

Gary Lewis
Occupation: English teacher
Residence: Matsumoto
Country: England
Favorite Kamikōchi spot: Kappa Bridge

Sjaak Mintjens
Residence: Matsumoto
Country: The Netherlands
Favorite Kamikōchi spot: The Forest Course / Jurassic Park

The website is managed by a group of Kamikochi lovers of different nationalities, including Japanese members.  Most members reside in Nagano Prefecture in which Kamikochi lies.

SCOP(Japanese non profit organization) entrusted by Matsumoto City to helps this group with the design and management of the website

non profit organization SCOP

  Address:  3F-a Chishindo Bldg 2-3-17 chuo, Matsumoto City, Nagano Pref. Japan